Using An Electronic Cigarette As A Method for Quitting Smoking Tobacco

Tired of failing at quitting cigarettes?  You can’t do cold turkey and nicotine patches and gums just don’t cut it with you – did you know their success rates are actually below 5%? You just end up relapsing, and it becomes a vicious cycle of quitting and smoking again. Fortunately, there is a way for you to quit smoking without actually quitting smoking. With an electronic cigarette, you get to look and feel like you are smoking without the negative effects that comes with a normal cigarette.

An electric cigarette is a device that lets you smoke nicotine without the tobacco itself. A battery powered atomizer turns liquid nicotine into vapor every time you inhale. The tip even lights up in bright orange to simulate a normal cigarette.

You know that nicotine is the addictive part of a cigarette, but getting your nicotine fix comes with the carcinogens that the cigarette contains. That is why nicotine patches and gums are the popular methods for quitting because they try to give you your nicotine kick without the cigarette. Problem is that it takes a couple of minutes before the nicotine gets to your system. In addition, most smokers complain that the hardest part about quitting is that you miss the actual act of smoking.  Some of those who try to quit even try to hold or smoke unlit cigarettes just to get that feeling. That is what’s great about electronic cigarettes, it looks and feels like the real deal.

And lastly, it is not that heavy on the pocket. Sure the initial investment may seem expensive since it includes the atomizer and battery pack. However, your next buy would just be for your next nicotine cartridge refills. And in the long run it will save you more money because a set of 5 nicotine cartridges is the approximate equivalent of 500 cigarettes. This is by far the easiest way to quit smoking.

The Best Smoking Alternative

A couple of days experiencing these stuff and you already know how to stop them. You just had to smoke again. Then the whole cycle of quitting and relapsing continues. To end the cycle, a revolutionary technology has come to solve your problems. An electronic cigarette will give you the freedom without actually smoking. Confused?

Well, did you know that the addicting aspect of the cigarette is nicotine, but when traditionally burned  as a normal cigarette it comes with hundreds of carcinogens that are found in tobacco? However, with an electronic cigarette, or also known as e-cigarette and electric cigarette, you can smoke nicotine (not a known carcinogen itself) while removing tobacco from the equation, thus the carcinogens as well.


But how does it work?

The electronic cigarette has three essential parts to make it work. Those parts are:

  • Nicotine cartridge – this contains the liquid nitrogen that you will be able to smoke.
  • Atomizer – this part of the electronic cigarette turns the liquid nicotine into vapor.
  • Battery – since this is an electronic device, you will need a power source.

With these three parts, you get an electronic cigarette. All you have to do is inhale, and then the battery powered atomizer will turn a small amount of liquid nicotine in the cartridge into vapor. The nicotine vapor then hits you and you instantly got your nicotine fix.

In addition, unlike with nicotine patches and gums where you have to wait for minutes before the nicotine kicks in, electronic cigarettes simulate smoking by turning liquid nicotine into vapor in seconds.

But the real advantage of electronic cigarettes over nicotine patches and gums is the act of smoking itself. Many smokers who try to quit always complain about missing the actual act of smoking. Some of those who try to quit even resort to smoking unlit cigarettes just to simulate the act.

That is what makes electronic cigarettes so effective. It gives the smoker the freedom to smoke because it looks and feels like the real deal. Electronic cigarettes also simulates the actual physical look of a cigarette as when you inhale the nicotine vapor, the tip of the device also lights up to a bright orange just like a normal lit cigar. And financially, it is not really that heavy on the pocket as well. The initial purchase may seem expensive because you will have to buy the set complete with the battery and the atomizer. But your next purchase will just be for the nicotine cartridges. It usually comes in a set of five nicotine cartridges and is already the equivalent of 500 cigarettes.